Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Spirit and Money : Accountability

So we have begun to look at our issues and belief systems with money. At first glance one may think that what your parents believed about money has no effect on you, but think again.
Good old mom and dad. Their influence on our belief structures are far reaching and effect just about every aspect of our lives. They have shaped and molded us from the moment we are born.
Being accountable for this kind of responsibility often goes unspoken. Just like our accountability with money.

When we look at where our money goes, we often dismiss those small purchases or those unneeded items we just HAVE to have. Our eyes grow big and all we think about is what is right in front of us at the moment, forgetting quickly the bigger picture.

Do you overspend? underspend? do you let money control your life? Do you think about it all the time, to the point of being obsessive?

Lets look at how fast money leaves your hands. When you come into some money does it burn a hole in your wallet? Why?

Ask yourself if you are comfortable with having money. Do you feel you deserve that item you want to buy, is it a form of reward? so does money allow you the rewards in life, so much so that you foolishly spend it to acquire that item?

Do you deserve savings? Are you comfortable with paying yourself first and then your bills? What i mean by paying yourself first, is taking money and putting it into a high yield savings account for YOU.
Then paying your bills and responsibilities.
When you buy that item that you "deserve" stop and ask yourself if you deserve that amount of money to go to work for you!

These are some thoughts to think about. After you have contemplated your underlying belief structures to your patterns of dealing with money in your life, next look at how quickly you spend it and why. What are your weaknesses with your spending habits.

For real change to come, we have to acknowledge the habits and change them.

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